What is Lagniappe?

(pronounced "lan-yap")

Used primarily in southern Louisiana, the word lagniappe refers to an "unexpected something extra". It could be an additional doughnut (as in "baker's dozen"), a free "one for the road" drink, an unanticipated tip for someone who provides a special service or possibly a complimentary dessert for a regular customer.

At our farm, you can always expect Lagniappe, whether it's from the care we show our animals and farm, the extra time we spend with visitors or the continued support you can expect long after the sale.

Now that you know what Lagniappe means, why did we choose that as our farm name? The name reflects our attitude for doing business and allows us to bring a little Cajun culture to Virginia. Merian was born and raised in southern Louisiana in the heart of Cajun county - "on the bayou".

After first seeing Alpacas at the Virginia State Fair many years ago, we began gathering information about raising them and processing their fiber. We had planned to purchase some acreage with the intent of starting a small farm. Alpacas fit into the type of lifestyle that we envisioned.

We are committed to supporting and promoting the North American fiber industry.

Merian is a hand-crafter and is always looking for her next project. Alpaca fiber is it!

Mark works in Information Technology, but he was raised on a farm and enjoys spending time with the animals and all that the country lifestyle offers.

We have a farm store where raw fiber to finished products are available for purchase. We have also expanded the farm to include chickens (for fresh eggs) and a lion-head rabbit that we are anxious to blend with alpaca for some great custom yarns.